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Zuma’s Private Prosecution Of Downer, Maughan Postponed To November

Former President Jacob Zuma’s private prosecution of State advocate, Billy Downer, and journalist, Karyn Maughan, will return to the Pietermaritzburg High Court in November.

Zuma instituted a private prosecution against the two last September.

This over his claims that the State illegally leaked Maughan a “confidential” doctor’s note during the course of his arms deal corruption trial.

They made a brief appearance in the dock on Friday when the case was postponed.

The Pietermaritzburg High Court in June set aside the private prosecution but Zuma then launched an appeal bid, which suspended that ruling.

Downer and Maughan on Thursday secured a special order declaring the ruling immediately enforceable.

But Zuma’s now appealing that special order too and so it also now stands suspended.

As a result, Downer and Maughan had to appear in the dock on Friday for their private prosecution.

The case has now been postponed until 1 November, though, pending the outcome of Zuma’s appeal.

A way forward for the case is expected to be determined then.