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Zuma’s Ineligibility To Run Won’t Impact Ballot Paper – IEC

The Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has announced that former president Jacob Zuma’s disqualification from running for a National Assembly seat will not affect the ballot paper.

This Monday, the Constitutional Court prohibited Zuma from seeking public office in the upcoming election next week, in a widely awaited decision.

The top court determined that the Electoral Court made a mistake in approving Zuma’s candidacy, despite his 15-month prison sentence for contempt.

The IEC sought clarification from the Constitutional Court about its authority to apply Section 47(1)(e) of the Constitution, which pertains to the eligibility of candidates for the National Assembly.

With the issue now resolved by the nation’s highest court, the IEC can proceed with its general election preparations without worrying about potential legal challenges.

Although removed from the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party’s parliamentary list, Zuma remains the face of the MK Party.

The IEC has also confirmed that his photo will remain in the cluster of identifiers of the MK Party on the ballot paper.