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Zuma Addresses Supporters At Nkandla

Former President Jacob Zuma is standing by his assertion that Justice Raymond Zondo should have recused himself from the state capture inquiry.

He spoke to crowds at his Nkandla homestead on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Constitutional Court agreed to hear Zuma’s application to rescind the order that he be jailed for 15 months.

This followed the court punishing him on Tuesday, for contempt of court, because he refused to testify at the State Capture Inquiry.

Zuma said, “they sat and decided that I must appear before the judge that I said I will appear.”

“The second decision was that I must pay the costs when I was not present.”

“Thirdly, they said since we know that a person has a right not to answer questions as per the Constitution but we want Zuma to answer. When I heard that, I said they are provoking me.”

“The judges who are supposed to protect me took my rights away, that means they are conspiring with this certain judge. I then decided I’m not going back to the State Capture Commission or even present myself to the judges.”