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Zondo Dismissed Zuma’s Application For His Recusal

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo on Thursday dismissed Jacob Zuma’s application for his recusal from the state capture inquiry.

Jacob Zuma filed an application for Zondo to step aside, claiming that Zondo had already decided that he was guilty.

Zondo stated that there are no grounds on which Zuma based that the two men were friends. ‘Our meetings have been official rather than social,’ Zondo stated.

“In light of the fact that the applicant does not dispute most of the facts set out in paragraph 7 of my statement, I’m of the opinion that of the undisputed facts, there was not the kind of relationship between myself and the applicant such as would disqualify me from chairing this commission nor is it a proper ground for me to recuse myself.”

Following a tea break, Zondo announced that Zuma had left the commission without being excused, which he considered a ‘serious matter’.