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Zambia has so Far Stood Out in Peaceful Transition on the African Continent

The southern African nation has established a reputation as one of Africa’s stable democratic nations with regular elections followed by peaceful transfers of power since the country’s founding leader, the late Kenneth Kaunda, introduced multiparty democracy in 1991. In the 2021 polls, former President Edgar Lungu lost power to main opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema. Lungu polled 1.8 million votes against Hichilema’s 2.8 million during the elections which saw 16 presidential candidates participating. Lungu peacefully conceded defeat and handed over power to his successor in the election that was marred by violence during the campaigns. Lungu has since stepped aside from active politics in line with the country’s constitution. Political observers have lauded the peaceful transition of power in Zambia and believe that other African countries need to emulate the gesture.