Be Smart About South Africa

Yvette van Zyl Completes Modernist-Informed Home in South Africa

For herself and her husband, South African architect, Yvette van Zyl, has created a modernist beauty in the seaside town of Mossel Bay. Sensitive to location and climate, the home was sited to take advantage of light and its views of the sea, and its laid back design and rich material palette make it the perfect spot to kick back, relax and enjoy the view. Perched on a slope facing the ocean and harbour, the three-bedroom home has a rectilinear form that sits atop a dark brick plinth and overlooks the sea through porthole-like windows. The home’s two bedrooms are located at either end of the plan, with a living, dining and kitchen space at the centre. They open onto a balcony that runs the length of the northern elevation. In its middle, the balcony expands to create a sheltered internal courtyard that is surrounded by perforated brick walls and can be closed off in cooler seasons using bifold glass doors.


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