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YouTube’s Okosi Sees ‘Tremendous’ Opportunity in Africa’s Creative Market

It comes as no surprise that the pandemic has ushered in a huge increase in Internet usage with consumption spanning education to entertainment and everything in between. With 70% of its views coming from mobile devices, YouTube is focusing big attention on Africa’s enormous and growing population of mobile users. To meet this demand, YouTube announced its Black Voices Initiative in which it has partnered with 20 African creatives to produce new content.  Alex Okosi, YouTube’s managing director of emerging markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa says, “We have incredible creators on the platform from Africa. The reality is that the platform is still growing on the continent, that we have a whole bunch of users that also want to share content on a platform. And I think as we move forward and continue to optimize the platform and also data prices continue to get cheaper for people to come online and create, I think you’re going to see more and more people really realizing their full potential on the platform. So for us, it’s really how do we make sure that we continue to work with our partners, our creators and artists to help nurture and provide them with a safe, powerful platform for them to be able to grow their impact?”