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Youths Will Be Top of the Agenda – Mashatile

Deputy President Paul Mashatile outlined the priorities for the upcoming seventh administration following a recent agreement among parties in the government of national unity (GNU).

The agreement, finalized last week, preceded President Cyril Ramaphosa’s re-election, marking the beginning of his new term. Changes to the Cabinet are anticipated following his inauguration.

Historically, South Africa has grappled with significant challenges such as high unemployment, governance issues, corruption, and a struggling economy.

Addressing these critical socio-economic issues will be the primary focus of the new government over the next five years, according to Mashatile. He delivered these remarks during the Youth Day commemoration in Limpopo on Sunday.

“We are optimistic that under President Ramaphosa and the ANC-led government of national unity, we will steadfastly confront the challenges that confront our nation’s youth,” Mashatile stated.

“During this period, our main objectives will be job creation and fostering an inclusive, thriving economy. Additionally, we will emphasize initiatives aimed at equipping young people with future-ready skills.”

Mashatile’s comments underscored the administration’s commitment to tackling pressing national issues and advancing opportunities for the country’s youth.