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Youth Day Start For 500km Cycle/Run For Sport For Lives In Partnership With The Kolisi Foundation

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On 16 June, National Youth Day, Sport for Lives together with the Kolisi Foundation will launch the Sport for Lives, Manguzi Edition. Led by Kwanda Sibiya, a team of 6 participants will leave Hilton College to cycle and run a distance of 500km to reach Manguzi in eight days (16 -23 June 2021).

Passionate about where he comes from, Kwanda Sibiya, the initiator of this drive, is himself a story of perseverance and hope, bringing opportunity and tangible change back to his community. The son of a cabbage farmer, Kwanda’s family struggled to make ends meet. But Kwanda was inspired by a clipping of a Mark Shuttleworth story and dreamed of a career in science. Today, after a long road of perseverance and hard work, Kwanda is a Science teacher and Housemaster at Hilton College. Through this Sport for Lives – Manguzi Edition, he hopes to raise enough money to support, educate and mentor two Manguzi orphaned children, ages 5 and 6, for one year. Additional funds raised will be directed to the Kolisi Foundation.

“The partnership between the Kolisi Foundation and Sport for Lives is driven by our shared desire to change the narratives around inequality in South Africa,” said Sport for Lives co-founder Chris Kingsley. “Our purpose is to activate generosity through the vehicle of sport and we are honoured to be partnering with the Kolisi Foundation, because we are both a platform through which Kwanda’s voice and personal hope for his community can be amplified.”

The Manguzi Edition will mark the first of an annual event forming part of a campaign series. This inaugural year the team consists of: Kwanda Sibiya (Hilton College and Manguzi), Chris Kingsley (Sport for Lives and Hilton College), Ncedo Koyana (Kolisi Foundation), Peter Storrar (Hilton College Director of Marketing), Caroline Storrar (Hilton physiotherapist and former resident of Manguzi), Rod Spencer (Falcon House and Hilton College old boy, Founder of Deep Rural).

“Remember the one, one by one encompasses the power of the ripple effect that one individual can bring about. Kwanda is a reminder of the impact that one story can bring about. Through Kwanda’s changed narrative and learnings, he is now changing the narrative of inequality, one by one,” added Ncedo Koyana, Programme Coordinator for Education and Sports Development at the Kolisi Foundation. 

To support Sport for Lives, Manguzi Edition together with the Kolisi Foundation or to pledge an amount, no matter how small, please visit or the direct campaign link

Watch the official Sport for Lives, Manguzi Edition clip: