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Your Ultimate Power Solution To Tackle Load-Shedding

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Experts warn that South Africa’s power crisis may persist until the end of next year, and by the 29th week of 2023, the total hours of living in darkness in South Africa amounted to 49 days. Amid this grim milestone, BLUETTI has come forward with effective solutions to combat load-shedding in the country.

A leader in the clean energy storage industry, BLUETTI and its backup power solutions help South Africans take control of their power and escape from loadshedding.

AC200MAX+B230 – Scalable home backup power

BLUETTI’s flagship model is the AC200MAX, which features a substantial 2,048Wh battery capacity and a powerful 2,200W AC output (4,800W surge). The 16-outlet power station provides uninterrupted power to most household appliances and essential devices during load-shedding, including refrigerators, air conditioners and electric ovens.

It can power a 150W refrigerator for 10 hours, a 10W light bulb for over 150 hours, or a 5000 BTU AC for one to four hours. This capacity can also be extended by adding two 2,048Wh B230 battery units, increasing the total battery capacity to 6,144Wh and enabling users to power these devices two or even three times longer.

The AC200MAX then offers seven charging methods, including solar, car charging, and AC power, either separately or in combination, for flexible and fast recharging. For example, it takes five to six hours to fully charge the AC200MAX using an AC adapter at 500W. However, using the dual input to combine this with 900W of solar power for a maximum of 1,400W, reduces the charging time to less than three hours.

EP500Pro – Powerhouse for extended power outages

For extended power outages, the EP500Pro is a more powerful solution. This powerful and robust generator has a massive 5,100Wh capacity and an impressive 3,000W output that can ensure that lights stay on, food remains fresh in refrigerators, and all essential equipment is running.

It features sensitive UPS functionality to ensure a seamless 20ms switchover when the power goes out, always providing uninterrupted power. The EP500Pro offers fifteen power outlets, ensuring it can power and charge multiple devices simultaneously, including the following: 100W smart TV – 50 hours; 500W space heater – 8.6 hours; 1,000W microwave – 4.3 hours.

It is powered by LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries and an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) that protects against overcharging. Despite its weight, the EP500Pro is easy to move around and position wherever you need power thanks to its four sturdy wheels.

EB3A and EB70 – Compact emergency power

For portable power solutions for load-shedding emergencies, the EB3A and EB70 offer compact and powerful options. Weighing only 4.6kg, the EB3A offers 268Wh of capacity with a 600W maximum output to power electronics and small devices. It features nine outlets and can charge a 100W laptop for approximately 3.5 hours, a 60W mini fridge for 3.6 hours and a 5W light for 30 hours.

Once depleted, the EB3A can be recharged by AC power, solar panels, a car or a generator – and supports 430W dual charging to reach a full charge within two hours. It also features UPS functionality to power critical loads during sudden power failures and can be easily controlled remotely from a smartphone.

The EB70 has a larger capacity of 716Wh while weighing only 9.7kg. With twelve outlets and 1,000W output power, it can power a 12W lamp for 50 hours, a 400W juicer for one and a half hours, and a Wi-Fi router for 65 hours. The EB70 also accepts multiple charging methods, including wall outlets, solar panels, and cars.

Empower all in need.

Driven by its mission to empower communities and individuals, BLUETTI is committed to bringing clean energy to every home for a sustainable future. As part of this commitment, BLUETTI launched its five-year LAAF (Lighting an African Family) programme in 2021 to bring electricity to off-grid households in Africa. This programme has seen thousands of African families in off-grid areas freed from darkness and powered by free BLUETTI home solar systems.

BLUETTI’s latest endeavour is a partnership with Solar Sister, an international NGO dedicated to empowering women in Africa. This partnership will see BLUETTI donate home solar kits to Nigerian women in off-grid families and continue to bring light and hope to those without.

In South Africa, BLUTETTI is responding to the load-shedding crisis as a beacon of hope, offering efficient and reliable power solutions for households and businesses alike. With BLUETTI’s backup power, every South African can reduce dependence on the grid and mitigate the impact of load-shedding. BLUETTI empowers the nation to face this challenge head-on and embrace a more resilient future.