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Young Entrepreneur Fills Medical Supply Gap In Rural Africa

20-year old Tony McPherson believes in quality healthcare and medical access for all. After identifying a need for medical consumables and disposables to difficult-to-deliver regions and rural communities across Africa, 20-year old Capetonian, Tony McPherson launched McPherson Trading, a tender based procurement consultancy to help fill this gap.  Since opening doors in January 2019, the company has serviced countries such as Mali, Malawi, Tanzania, the DRC, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen, and consigned roughly R30 million worth of stock to date. Infectious diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis (TB) and HIV have long been some of the world’s biggest killers, and according the World Health Organisation, African countries still lag far behind the global average in all three. Many clinics in rural towns are starved for any sort of medical equipment and supplies needed to treat these diseases.