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World Economic Forum Launches South African Local Chapter of the New Champions Community

A recent World Economic Forum report published in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, the National University of Singapore and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization highlights that small and mid-size enterprises represent around 90% of all firms globally, and, by some estimates, contribute to up to 70% of employment and global GDP. These businesses are shaping the nature of growth, innovation, and sustainability in our global, regional, and local economies.

The Forum has been working with its New Champions community, a group of innovative and forward looking mid-sized companies, which are mindful of their impact on society and committed to building a better future for all.

As core members of the World Economic Forum New Champions community, Risk Insights and Imperial Logistics (Imperial) are partnering with the Forum to create the first New Champions Local Chapter for South Africa.

This local chapter aims to amplify the work of global initiatives and will include local projects and engagements opportunities for the South African business community to drive and accelerate impact in their region. Risk Insights and Imperial have chosen three initial projects which are focusing on critical issues for the country. These issues include Health and Wellbeing; Education and Gender Equality; Innovation, Sustainable Infrastructure and Climate Action, which will also support sustainable job creation in the country. The projects are “Step Up to a Green Start Up”, “Unjani Clinics NPC” and “SA Trails Network”.

“We are thrilled to work with incredibly inspiring New Champions’ members who are creating the first Local Chapter of our growing community. This is an opportunity for the Forum and our members to extend their support to the local SMEs,” said Julia Devos, Head of the New Champions global community, World Economic Forum.

“At Risk Insights we are privileged to be a part of the World Economic Forum New Champions community at such a critical juncture of climate change and the rise of stakeholder capitalism. Risk Insights will continue its impact contribution towards a sustainable future through framing ESG principles for South Africa,” said Andrey Bogdanov, Principal and CEO of Risk Insights and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum New Champions Local Chapter South Africa. “New Champions South African Chapter will focus on addressing key issues to sustainable growth for SMEs to promote innovation and progress towards a sustainable future for all.”

“As Imperial we are honoured to have partnered with the World Economic Forum and Risk Insights to create one of the first country chapters in South Africa of the Forum’s New Champions Community where we are focussing on bringing together social impact projects to create sustainable jobs in our country,” said Mohammed Akoojee, Group CEO at Imperial. “The New Champions community South Africa Chapter aims to amplify global initiatives on South African soil and ensure meaningful engagements within the South African business community to drive and accelerate impact on the ground, and we are looking forward to playing a significant part in this initiative”.