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Working from Home Gives Andela a Market Boost

Developer outsourcing company Andela is making yet another major shift in its operational model. After laying off 135 people in May as well as shutting down offices globally while adopting fully remote operations, Andela will now allow applications from interested developers across all of Africa, rather than just in the six countries—Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and Egypt—where it had previously operated in. The remote, pan-African model essentially sees Andela morph into an online marketplace for African developers who can apply, get accepted and then be matched with an Andela client, usually an American company in need of engineering talent. The company has some experience with the new model having operated remotely in Ghana and Egypt and accepting engineers from outside those countries’ capital cities. Andela is now accepting applications from senior developers across the continent adept in the most in-demand web frameworks and program languages. However, developers will now only be contracted on a per project basis rather than be employed by Andela.