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Working From Home? 5 Simple Ways To Fix Slow Internet Speeds

  • 3 min read

Even as government continues to loosen lockdown restrictions, working from home remains a way of life for many South Africans. As much as it’s a pleasure to escape the daily commute, low internet speeds can dampen your productivity and your work experience. 

Alcatel suggests some quick fixes you can try to address slow internet speeds on your home Wi-Fi network.

  1. Put the router in a central place in your home

If you’re the only member of your household complaining about poor internet speeds, it might be a matter of where the router is placed in your home. If your workspace is further from the router or if the router is obstructed by metal objects, you may get poor performance.

Try to place the router in a more central place in the home with no obstructions or nearby sources of interference like microwaves. It is better to place it higher than on the floor if you want to get the optimal signal spread in your home. If you cannot move the router, you can add a Wi-Fi extender to improve coverage and signal strength.

  1. Ensure there are no big files downloading in the background

When you’re working on Microsoft Teams or holding a Zoom video conference, it might be a good idea to pause that 60 gigabytes download of the latest game on your PS4. Check that there are no devices in your home running massive downloads in the background if your connection speed is lower than usual or expected.

  1. Try plugging in with a cable

Plugging directly into your router with an Ethernet cable can often give you a faster and more stable connection than Wi-Fi. You’ll also know that there is a problem with the router or the internet service provider if plugging in does nothing to boost your speed – so you can reach out for technical support.

  1. Get the kids to schedule their Netflix time

When multiple people in the house are using bandwidth-intensive applications like video streaming and video conferencing, there might not be enough to go around. Encourage your children to do their video watching and online gaming outside of your working hours.  

  1. Restart your router

“Have you tried switching it on and off?” is a cliche in tech support, but sometimes resetting your router can help to alleviate poor speeds. Look for the button to switch it off, leave it off for 10 seconds or so, and then see what happens.

If these tips fail

If the suggestions above do not help, try calling technical support at your service provider and follow their troubleshooting suggestions. Other options might include upgrading to a higher-speed internet package or upgrading your router.