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Women’s Month: The Leading Ladies On Netflix Have Their Say

  • 2 min read

As Women’s Month nears its end, and South Africans reflect, the amazing talent from Netflix Originals like Blood & Water, Seriously Single and Queen Sono joined the conversation. In a video released by the streaming service, the stars shared affirming, powerful messages that celebrate how dynamic, unapologetic and remarkable each of them are. The piece highlights just how important it is that women support women – especially in an arena dominated by men, like the cutthroat entertainment industry. 

From Blood & Water, Gail Mabalane says her co-star Khosi Ngema walks into a room and commands attention, adding “she’s ready to learn, hungry to learn, eager to learn and that’s something I think all of us can take away. She’s an inspiration”. Fulu Mugovhani can’t speak more highly of her Seriously Single co-star, Tumi Morake, saying, “when we talk about breaking barriers and constantly re-inventing yourself in an industry that hasn’t been so kind to women, especially comedy, she is the person to name drop”.

Cindy Mahlangu, from Blood & Water  speaks fondly of Bontle Modiselle from JIVA!, saying “she demands space, she takes up space” while Modiselle says of Mahlangu, “seeing a young, powerful, unapologetic black woman, very colourful on screen, on a global stage, is the most comforting and reassuring thing in these times”. 

Chi Mhende, from Queen Sono, espouses the talents of Candice Modiselle from JIVA! saying, “As my little sister who is just full of so much heat, she also knows how to balance it with some pretty dope chill”, while Modiselle pays homage to Mhende saying, “in a sometimes black and white world, you selflessly and unapologetically add a burst and universe of colour. First the world is introduced to your iconic voice, followed by your radiant beauty and last but not least, your exceptional gift of storytelling”. 

Over the past year, Netflix has continued to invest in local content that boasts strong, resilient women. It is incredible to see how these women celebrate their uniqueness, uplifting each other in the most supportive way. While Women’s Month is about honouring the sacrifice of women who fought for us, it is also about encouraging the new generation of girls and women who dream big, to stand tall in the face of adversity,  and know that anything is possible through supporting each other.