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Women in Art                                  

The road to success can be particularly long for women artists in Africa, but a new prize, the ANNA Award, aims to make the path easier. Created to recognize and develop a new wave of women-identifying artists in Africa, the ANNA Award was most recently awarded to Egyptian artist Nada Baraka.    A painter who seeks to narrate her experience of gender, identity and aesthetics with expressionist brushwork and surrealism, Baraka’s artworks are described as ‘maintaining an endless, active state of flux, swaying between abstract and surreal’, with ‘evocative application and vivid colours’. Born in Cairo in 1990, Baraka graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and Mass Communication from the American University in Cairo in 2012, after which she completed her Masters in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins college of the University of the Arts London. Following her first solo exhibition, Fractals, in Cairo in 2015, Baraka has gone on to participate in group exhibitions around the world.