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With a Spotlight on Sustainable Fashion, This South African Accountant-Turned-Designer Is Turning Heads on the Runway

Growing up in the Eastern Cape, Shamyra Moodley was exposed to the world of fashion through her seamstress grandmother, but it would be many years and a stint as an accountant before she decided to pursue this passion. After having a child, she decided to try her hand at a blog regarding her personal style, and things quickly mushroomed from there. Her formal introduction to the world of custom-made garments came two years ago when she crafted a skirt out of sackcloth and a bodice from an old breastfeeding bra — and wore it to a fashion show. All of Moodley’s outfits are handmade and created from donated or reusable fabric. According to her, she grew up in a family where reusing items and sustainable living was a part of everyday life. She called one of the looks “Tied and Tested” having inherited about 150 neckties from the men in her family, who had been mostly teachers. By deconstructing and reusing all the ties, she was able to create a multi-colored flowing dress.