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Winde Concerned By Increased Gatherings In WC Public Spaces

Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has raised concern over an increase in people congregating at places like shopping malls and in public areas for exercise.

Physical activity has been permitted since Friday when Level 4 lockdown restrictions came into effect.

It’s however only allowed between 6am and 9 am, and only within a 5 kilometre radius of your home.

Photos on social media show a crowded Sea Point Promenade on Friday morning.
It’s caused an uproar among some residents.

Winde said, in a bid to reduce congestion during the allocated exercise hours, he will be writing to national government to request an additional afternoon exercise session.

He believes this will help relieve congestion and will allow those who are at work in the morning to exercise later in the day.

It’s day 37 of the lockdown and the Western Cape currently has almost 2,700 confirmed infections.

One-hundred-and-fourteen patients have been hospitalised and 39 of them are receiving intensive care treatment.

Fifty-two residents of the province have died after contracting the virus.