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Winde Calls For End To National State Of Disaster

Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde, is calling for the end to the National State of Disaster.

He says a blanket approach is not needed, and provincial capacity must be taken into account.

Winde says a better COVID-19 management system will reduce pressures on the country’s economy.

“You are managing your hospital system, it doesn’t matter how many beds you’ve got, you don’t need a blanket lockdown across the whole of the country when we don’t need it in Gauteng right now,” he said.

“So quite frankly, and the same thing would apply to a number of our provinces and we started getting it right, I think, in the start of the second wave when we started closing districts down.”

On Wednesday South Africa recorded more than 4,100 new Covid-19 cases.

KwaZulu-Natal remains a hotspot with 1,163 new COVID-19 cases.