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Will this Farming Technique Help Zimbabweans Out of Hunger?

Zimbabwe authorities are hailing a sustainable farming technique called “Pfumvudza” as a breakthrough to help end the country’s long-standing food insecurity. Pfumvudza has been defined as a climate-proofing agricultural concept that emphasizes on the use of conservation farming techniques to make the most out of small pieces of land. It was developed following an inquiry as to how much land would be required to feed a family of 5 individuals when such a family consumes at least 1 bucket of shelled maize in a week. While this is so, food crop production has been declining on the backdrop of the fact that the majority of farming land is losing its fertility thus making conservative farming methods more than just a necessity. For the program developers, a well-calculated approach to farming will not only guarantee food self-sufficiency but also ensure for environmental preservation. In this regard, the Pfumvudza concept has been fingered as a stone that could kill two birds at one throw.