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Wilderness Unleashed With Evan

  • 1 min read

Internet sensation and veterinarian Evan Antin travels the globe observing, helping and healing exotic wildlife. He combines his passions for veterinary medicine and wildlife conservation while raising awareness about animals around the world. He may have been born and raised in Kansas, but his love for animals covers the whole world and he has a long list of creatures he wants to see up-close and in their natural habitat. 

Whether it’s swimming with humpback whales and lemon sharks off the coast of Tahiti, rescuing orphaned baby bearcats and wrestling water monitors in the Philippines, or walking with elephants in Nepal; Dr Evan brings his passion and medical skills to each adventure. As he travels, he also lends a helping hand to animals in need along the way.

The vet’s popularity continues to grow because of his loving interactions with animals, which he documents and shares with videos and factoids. Be sure to join Evan on his adventures by watching the premiere of EVAN GOES WILD on Tuesday 21 April at 1.30PM on Real Time (DSTV channel 155).