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Wild Foraging is Back in Fashion with a Growing Number of Wild Food Innovators in the Cape

Wild foods are considered to be anything not cultivated by humans and are usually indigenous, from edible weeds and flowers to seaweeds and shellfish. They’re sourced depending on the season. There is no shortage of options in the Cape Floral Region — recognized by UNESCO as one of the most special places on Earth for plant biodiversity. More than 9,000 plant species grow in the surrounding vegetation. Since 2017, Gray has been sharing her love of the edible landscape with locals and tourists through seasonal workshops. Right now it’s winter in Cape Town, which Gray calls the “season of flavor” as “everything comes alive in the rainfall area of the Western Cape.” Gray runs the workshops through her company Veld and Sea in Cape Point, around 70 kilometers south of Cape Town, where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet.