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Why Toothpowders Are Better Than Toothpaste

If you’ve never heard of tooth powder, you’re not alone. This age-old product was the precursor to toothpaste, but it fell out of favor decades ago. However, toothpowders are now growing in popularity for obvious reasons.

Since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, people have been using toothpowders to clean their teeth, and recent studies have shown that they can be more effective than toothpaste at removing dental plaque. One 2017 study examined toothpaste and toothpowder’s effectiveness by measuring the amount of plaque and gingivitis. Researchers reported that the toothpowder group was significantly superior to the toothpaste group in controlling dental plaque and gingivitis for six months.

In addition to this, toothpowders are becoming more popular because they are usually packed in glass jars instead of plastic tubes – making them more environmentally friendly – and are made out of natural ingredients, as opposed to toothpastes that contain fluoride, which is poisonous if swallowed, and glycerine, which leaves a film on teeth, preventing natural remineralization.

Because they don’t contain fluoride, toothpowders are also safer for children as they are non-toxic and safe to swallow.

The South African available range of Olgani toothpowders contain non-abrasive blends of botanical ingredients and natural minerals that work together to promote dental health.

The Olgani Charcoal & Cocoa toothpowder whitens the tooth enamel, prevents sensitivity and supports gum tissue. Its ingredients include charcoal and turmeric to whiten the teeth, liquorice to prevent cavities, coffee oil to improve blood flow in the gum tissue and vitamin E to support the gum tissue. It also contains echinacea to stimulate the immune system, cocoa to improve mineral absorption into the teeth and a blend of essential oils to prevent bad breath.

The Olgani Sage & Wintergreentoothpowder helps to prevent plaque and cavities, freshen the breath and prevent periodontal disease. It contains green tea to strengthen the gum tissue, liquorice to prevent cavities, gingko biloba to improve blood circulation in the gums, olive leaf to control bacterial and viral infections, goldenseal to control fungal infections and rice flour to polish the tooth enamel.

“Our bodies, through our mouths, absorb all the ingredients in the oral care products we use. This is why we should ask ourselves, ’Is it good enough to eat?’” says Olgani founder Olga Niemkiewicz. “When we listen to our bodies, they guide us towards the natural ingredients that will benefit us most.”

Olgani is available online from and Faithful to Nature and at Wellness Warehouse and selected Dis-Chem, Clicks stores and health shops nationwide for a recommended selling price of R169. You can also find them on Instagram @olganinaturals and Facebook.