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Why Thandie Newton Is Supporting This School in the DRC

As the founder of Malaika, a community-driven organization providing education to girls in her native Democratic Republic of Congo, Coursaris Musunka has been pushing a model built on the belief that “an educated woman is more likely to give back to her community, to inspire others to attend school, and to cultivate a sense of independence among both her peers and the next generation.” As many people in different parts of the world have gotten used to sheltering in place over the past few months, Coursaris Musunka has been hosting Zoom gatherings as a way for Malaika supporters to get to know the students at the Malaika School, which is located in Kalebuka, Lubumbashi, in the Southeast of the DRC, not far from the Zambian border. The Malaika School, which was inaugurated in 2011, provides free primary and secondary school education to 356 girls. With daily classes taught in French and English, the custom-built curriculum covers math, science, information technology, the arts, and much more. Except that, right now, the school is closed, because of the ongoing Covid-19 public health crisis.