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WHO Chief Accused of Funding Ethiopian Rebellion

Ethiopia’s army chief has accused the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of supporting and trying to procure arms and diplomatic support for Tigray state’s dominant political party, which is fighting the federal troops. He did not cite any evidence. “This man is a member of that group and he has been doing everything to support them,” the army chief of staff, General Berhanu Jula, said in a televised statement on Thursday. Tedros – an Ethiopian of Tigrayan descent who served as health minister in a former government coalition led by the TPLF – and the WHO are yet to respond to the accusation. In a statement on Thursday, the government accused Tigrayan forces of committing “serious crimes” after conflict broke out this month in the northern region, killing hundreds and sending 30,000 refugees into neighbouring Sudan. The government statement referenced reports of ethnic killings in the town of Mai Kadra, documented by human rights group Amnesty International this week.