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Where is Uganda’s Famous Environmental Activist Now?

Vanessa Nakate chanced upon environmental activism in 2018 after graduating with a business degree from Makerere University. With no job lined up, Ms. Nakate volunteered with the Rotary Club organization, where she was researching the biggest challenges facing local areas and how she could help. That was when she realized that climate change was not some distant threat, but a problem that at that very moment was eating away at communities and destroying livelihoods.In Uganda, her Green Schools project is installing solar panels and eco-friendly stoves in schools across the country — part of her efforts, she said, to educate young people in rural and urban areas about the realities of climate change. Although she feels she’s making progress in expanding public interest in the climate movement, Ms. Nakate also hopes to get many more to care about how the climate crisis intersects with issues of race, gender and class.