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What Your Choice In Tea Says About Your Personality

Did you know that different types of personalities are drawn to different types of tea? Your preference for loose leaf tea over tea bags, and even how you brew your tea and drink it, says a lot about who you are.

SA-born tea sommelier, Jessica Bonin, who gained experience from studying directly under tea masters in China, Japan and South Korea, explains.

“While teas have always been selected for their unique characteristics and flavour profiles, our individual inclinations towards different teas are also representative of our personal characteristics.

“For every individual, tea has a different meaning. It is an expression of our emotions and who we are. We all associate with its effects, even on a subconscious level. For some, tea-drinking is soothing and healing, while for others, it is invigorating.

“With so many beneficial compounds, tea creates various states in the body and mind that we then form associations with based on those outcomes. We naturally gravitate toward teas that fulfil the state of being we seek.”

To cater for every taste, mood and personality, the Rooibos tea industry has added new twists to the pantry staple in an effort to make Rooibos more premium. Where a few years ago, there were but only a handful of choices, today there are numerous blends of specialty Rooibos infusions on the market, with a clear trend towards more natural ingredients, i.e. real fruit pieces etc.

Bonin remarks that each Rooibos tea blend has a distinct keynote, flavour, aroma, texture and feel, which appeals to one’s deeper character.

“If you’re in a contemplative mood, Rooibos & Chamomile will provide a calming effect, while Rooibos & Lemon is likely to be the blend of choice for those who demand focus. The spontaneous and adventurous among us will likely gravitate toward a berry-blend, whereas warm and caring individuals will find harmony in a cup of chai tea.”

After meticulously studying the various infusions, Bonin has developed a tea personality quiz to help tea lovers find their significant other Rooibos blend. If you’re curious, visit