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What You Need to Know About ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos’

Premiering on Showmax on April 8, ‘The Real Housewives of Lagos’ brings the storied American franchise to Nigeria’s mega-city. With the series having previously run in two South African cities, it is no stranger to Africa, but the flash and energy of Lagos is certain to make it unique. Obvious to ardent viewers is how the franchise observes and platforms wealthy women. The designer clothes they wear, expensive jewelry and automobiles and other assets they own are utilized as showpieces and visual props. The show bleeds luxury. The Real Housewives made a name for itself not only because of the histrionics and theater the cast members are capable of, but also for sowing seeds of classist aspirations into women. Lagos is a familiar site of class struggle. It only takes political chaos to find poor residents engaging in opportunistic looting of supermarkets and businesses. “Eat the rich” isn’t a vague thought; it’s an active mindset. The RHOL arrives in tension with this struggle. And although the show can be enjoyed for its mindless entertainment, it’s important to remember the class politics undergirding it.