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What To Do about Khartoum?

A Sudanese diplomatic source announced on Wednesday that the army had suspended talks with rival paramilitary force, RSF, over a ceasefire and access to aid. Since April 15th that fighting has erupted in Sudan between government forces and paramilitary group, Rapid Support Forces. In early May negotiations produced a declaration of commitments to protect civilians and two short-term ceasefire deals, although these suffered repeated violations. Speaking in Saudi Arabia where talks are taking place, a government official accused the paramilitary forces of repeated violations of previous ceasefires. Despite the extension of a previous ceasefire, fighting resumed on Tuesday in the capital, Khartoum, and in the Darfur region. The African Union’s Peace and Security Council meets this Wednesday at the headquarters in Addis Ababa to discuss the next steps regarding the situation in Sudan, including the implementation of the AU roadmap for the resolution of the conflict.