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What Makes Davido Afrobeats’ Benevolent King

A near-universal love of his music has put Davido at the top of the charts, but his spirit of giving has contributed to an enduring and much more profound success. Instilled in him by his parents, Davido is all about giving back whether it means charitable acts or promoting the talents of others, and it is fostering a creative community where he is the undoubtable king. Davido’s has numerous grand acts of giving, like when he crowdsourced over $600,000 for his 29th birthday, pledged it to orphanages across Nigeria, and shared a record of the donations. In the midst of his giving, he’s got his own dreams to finance. He wants to write a children’s book featuring his children, something like a “Africanized” Dr. Seuss story. He’s working on a documentary on his life now and hopes to make a biopic too, something covering life before and after fame: “It’ll probably be a little pre and have ’10 years later’ type stuff. Something like that. Still thinking.” A bit like his father, he’s thinking of expanding his empire. “I want to own a big media house: shoot movies, documentaries, game shows, cooking shows, reality TV.”