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What Lockdown Level 1 Means For South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced on Wednesday evening that South Africa will move to a Level 1 lockdown at Midnight on Sunday.

With this announcement, he introduced some adjustments and easing of some restrictions.

The Nationwide curfew will now take place from 00:00 to 04:00 every day.

Ramaphosa announced that the sale of liquor would now be permitted from Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 17:00.

Social, religious, political and other gatherings would be permitted, as long as the number of people did not exceed 50% of the normal capacity of a venue, Ramaphosa said. This will, however, still be subject to a limit of 250 people for indoor gatherings and 500 for outdoor venues.

Ramaphosa said venues for exercise, recreation and entertainment, such as gyms and theatres, would now be allowed to accommodate up to 50% of the venue’s capacity as determined by available floor space.

Existing restrictions on sporting events remain in place.

However, none of these apply to funeral gatherings as Ramaphosa said a maximum of 100 people would be permitted at funeral gatherings as it still poses a higher risk for viral transmission, while night vigils remained prohibited.

Ramaphosa said the country’s international borders would reopen from 1 October for business, leisure and other travel. However, travel may be restricted to and from certain countries that are deemed high risk for coronavirus infections. There were certain protocols that were prescribed as requirements by a international traveller that will be needed to be submitted upon arrival.