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What Does It Mean To Be A Teacher In A Time Of The Coronavirus Pandemic?

The National Education Collaboration Trust said part of the support they are giving to government on non-contact learning is understanding how the teachers are affected by the lockdown.

It’s almost a month since most pupils saw the inside of a classroom and now that the lockdown has been extended, the academic calendar has been further disrupted.

The trust has been roped in by government to assist with packaging raw archives and some donated content- for radio, tv and online platforms.

The audio and videos will be broadcast for all grades to keep pupils up to speed with their school work.

The trust’s chief executive officer Godwin Khosa said: “We are launching a 20-series radio conversation where we are going engage teachers. So, we are going to talk to teachers about how they are being impacted, the psychosocial impact and how they interact with learners, even though the learners are in their homes, and what it means to be a teacher in the pandemic and post the pandemic.”