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What are the Most Ordered Items on Jumia’s Platform?

Nigeria’s leading e-commerce platform has released a report on the most ordered items on their platform. According to the report, phones topped the list of most ordered items. This is not surprising given the young and vibrant demographic Jumia caters to. The report titled “E-Commerce in Rural Areas” highlights Jumia’s remarkable achievement in penetrating underserved regions and bringing e-commerce opportunities to previously overlooked populations. The report also cited Phones, Beauty & Perfumes, Men’s Clothing, Home (furniture, bedding, etc.) & Men’s Shoes as the most demanded categories by consumers in secondary cities and rural areas in Nigeria. Jumia has been at the forefront of providing accessible, innovative, and affordable online services to Nigerians, particularly in rural areas. Their extensive network of retail outlets, including over 250 Pick-Up Stations (PUS) across the nation, has enabled them to offer their customers a wide range of products.