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What About A Valentine’s Day Gift That Just Keeps On Giving?

  • 3 min read

Looking for something meaningful to gift to a loved one for a birthday, anniversary or even for Valentine’s Day? Consider buying an inexpensive, but beautiful and very meaningful bracelet that is a gift that will keep on giving long afterwards!

Living through a pandemic is not easy for anyone, but for non-profits battling escalating levels of need in the underprivileged communities they serve, combined with economic challenges that negatively impact their fundraising efforts, times are especially hard.

In the words of Lauren Gillis, Founder of the NPO Relate Bracelets: “It’s truly amazing to see how many  organisations like ours are struggling, but remain determined that they’ll never give up – because there are just too many South Africans out there who are desperately in need of our help.”

Relate, which is highly reliant on the country’s currently ailing tourism market, has sold more than 3.5 million of its bracelets globally, all dedicated to very special causes. To date, the non-profit has raised more than R62.5 million for a variety of beneficiaries, from the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Goodbye Malaria, to Shine Literacy and Save the Elephants SA.

Read on for some insight into the kind of organisations you can support when you buy a Relate bracelet for your loved one!

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Ocean Project

Did you know that there are officially more face masks than jellyfish in the ocean? Or how about the fact that an estimated 1,5 billion face masks entered our oceans last year alone? The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Ocean Project is dedicated to the conservation of marine ecosystems that support a myriad aquatic species, as well as the people that rely on them. The Relate Trust has fully supported the work being done by the Trust, raising a total of more than 2,3 million through the sales of their bracelets in aid of The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Ocean Project to date.

Ikamva Labantu

Ikamva Labantu aims to empower poor communities to become self-sustainable. Their programmes range from supporting orphaned and vulnerable children to HIV education, testing and support programmes, as well as fostering the empowerment of women through education and communication projects, to name a few. Relate’s Leave a Legacy in Africa bracelets have so far raised nearly R1.7 million for this critical organisation.

Shine Literacy

Shine Literacy seeks to promote a culture of reading in South African schools, homes, workplaces and communities, thereby improving literacy outcomes for young children from low-income communities. Working in partnership with teachers, volunteers and parents, Shine Literacy’s award-winning, evidence-based programmes provide effective and sustained support to children as they learn to read and write, helping to foster a life-long love of books and learning. Relate’s If You Can Read This, Share the Gift bracelets have raised just less than R430 000 for this education and social upliftment initiative. These are just a few examples of the important causes you can help support when you swop costly jewellery and flowers for a pocket-friendly bracelet that will help change someone’s world for the better. Visit Relate’s online shop to choose your cause and buy your bracelet. It’s a gift that the special person in your life will wear with pride!