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West African DJ AMÉMÉ on His Coachella 2022 Debut

It’s been a steady rise for West African DJ Hubert Ameme Sodoganji, otherwise known as DJ AMÉMÉ. Thanks to a wealth of cultural experiences across the globe, he’s developed a unique sound within the Afro-House genre, with which he’ll grace music lovers at Coachella for the first time. With consistent support from the 2022 Grammy award-winning Black Coffee, AMÉMÉ has managed to quickly rise up the industry ranks. Earlier this month, he released “Wait No More” off Save Records, a magnetic cut that brings together tribal drums and Afro groove for a taste of what’s to come from his next EP, out later this year. “I don’t wanna wait no more,” he repeats with pitched down vocals — a mission statement for an artist who moves with urgency.