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We Spoke To Several Parties But Not The DA – Mbalula

African National Congress head of elections Fikile Mbalula said his party did speak to various parties but not the Democratic Alliance after the municipal elections.

He was briefing the media on Thursday after talks on coalitions following the municipal elections.

“We did not have any discussions with the Democratic Alliance. We had a choice to engage with the DA, because we and the DA have the majority in the country in terms of the municipalities. But our national executive committee did not mandate us to have an agreement and a coalition agreement with the Democratic Alliance.”

Fikile Mbalula also did confirm there were calls from within the party for members of its national executive committee (NEC) to resign following a dismal showing at the municipal elections and taxing coalition negotiations.

“We know we did not reach our objectives but now there some opportunists even in the party who are rebels in the party who are basically calling for the head of the NEC, they see an opportunity to cause disunity.”