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We don’t hate the ANC, we hate what their leaders have done to SA – Beaumont

ActionSA believes that a minority government could emerge from next week’s elections if coalitions can be stabilized.

National chairperson Michael Beaumont, however, is unequivocal that his party will never form a partnership with the African National Congress (ANC).

Speaking at the Cape Town Press Club on Wednesday, Beaumont stated that it was “folly” to believe that a small party could effect meaningful change in coalition with the ANC.

Despite the acrimonious split of ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba and Eastern Cape chairperson Athol Trollip from the Democratic Alliance (DA) in 2019, Beaumont believes they can still make a success of the Multi-Party Charter.

However, he is adamant that ActionSA won’t waver in its stance even if the quest to topple the ANC fails.

“We don’t hate the ANC, we hate what their leaders have done to South Africa and we hold the view to say, that you can’t fix South Africa in partnership with those who’ve broken South Africa.”

Beaumont criticized opposition parties that would consider helping the ANC stay in power.

“Think of a Cabinet meeting fighting corruption and you look around the room and all of the corruption-accused people are in that Cabinet.”

Beaumont said that South Africans needed to develop a different mindset about coalition politics, moving from preferring a stable government to valuing an effective one.