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WC Reports Decline In COVID-19 Deaths, Hospitalizations

WC Reports Decline In COVID-19 Deaths, Hospitalizations

The Western Cape Department of Health on Thursday said that there were indications of an early decline in the number of COVID-19 related deaths and hospitalisations in the province.

Initially, modelling had suggested the province would see a steady rise in hospitalisations and deaths throughout the month of July. But that prediction has not held true.

According to the National COVID-19 Epi model, there would have been a steady rise in the rate of daily deaths as a result of the disease until the end of July.

The scenario also projected that the rate of hospital admissions for COVID-19 patients would also be on a daily rise.

The number of COVID-19 related deaths in the Western Cape stood at 2,455.

Provincial head of health Dr Keith Cloete said that over the last two weeks, the projected increases did not play out.

“We have had fewer daily deaths compared to what was projected. And we have had fewer daily hospitalisations compared to what was projected… but we are very cautious and still watching,” Cloete said.

Cloete reminded people to stick to measures implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have an opportunity now to wear our masks, practice social distancing and good hygiene, and change our own behaviour to flatten the curve,” he said.