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WC Police Search For Answers In Staggie’s Murder

As police launch a manhunt for the killers of prominent Cape Town gang figure, Rashied Staggie, the motive for his killing is still unclear.

The 58-year-old died under a hail of bullets outside his home in Salt River on Friday.

He was the former head of the notorious “Hard Livings” gang.

It’s understood two gunmen opened fire through the windscreen of the car he was sitting in at the time.

Staggie’s murder comes a day after another Hard Livings gang leader was allegedly gunned down in Westridge, Mitchells Plain, on Thursday.

A 16-year-old teenager was injured in that incident.

In 2003, Staggie was handed a 15-year jail sentence for kidnapping and rape and was released on parole in September 2013.

Police cordoned off London Way to comb for clues relating to the murder on Friday.

Twin brothers Rashied and Rashaad Staggie became notorious gang leaders during the 90s.

Their gang, the Hard Livings, waged war on arch-rivals The Americans, leading to bloodshed in gang-ridden suburbs of Cape Town.

Rashaad Staggie was killed in a mob attack in 1996 at a time when anti-gang movement People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) declared war on organised crime.

That killing was highly publicised and happened on the same road in which Rashied was killed on Friday.

Pagad on Friday said the hit on Staggie was long overdue.

The anti-gang movement’s Haroon Orrie said the assassination was no surprise.

“This type of issue is long overdue. They’ve taken too many lives in our country. It doesn’t matter, the reason behind why he’s no longer here. He can no longer drive fear into our communities or harm them. Look at what he did in Manenberg alone.”