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Watch Free Short Film To Raise Much-Needed Funds And Awareness For GBV Shelters

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The National Shelter Movement of South Africa (NSMSA) – an umbrella body representing nearly one hundred (100) shelters for victims of abuse, throughout the country – is happy to announce a wonderful opportunity to raise much-needed funds to support its work with GBV shelters, while also supporting local talent. Award-winning South African production company, Tribal Alchemy Productions, led by Weaam Williams – in partnership with a US-based global online streaming platform – has offered to donate 20% of the proceeds from the short film “Two Hues” towards the National Shelter Movement.

The NSMSA’s Executive Chair Dr Zubeda Dangor says, “As an organisation that continues to struggle with severe funding shortages (especially from government), which hamper our efforts to protect victims of gender-based violence, we encourage everyone to watch this short film. And since launching our National Shelter Helpline, just over a year ago, we need all the help we can get.”

She adds, “Just by watching this 16-minute film you will be helping us raise much-needed funds to ensure that our shelters are equipped to provide safe spaces and relevant services to the victims of GBV that come to our facilities for assistance. Helping our women stay safe has never been easier.”

The short film “Two Hues” deals with issues that women struggle with daily, including sexual assault and navigating the patriarchy in the family and in the workplace and is available for streaming (free) on Herflix – a platform that specializes in content for, about and by women. Stream here:

Synopsis: “Two Hues” is about a bipolar woman who deals with post-traumatic stress after sexual assault, and her life navigating the patriarchy in her family and the workplace. The film – currently being developed into a feature film – has been making waves across various international festivals, winning multiple awards since its release. In addition to Williams in the lead role, the film features supporting cast Abidah Dixon Mohammed, Abdu Adams, Khalil Kathrada, Danielle Comley and Emil van Niekerk.

According to Williams, “When I heard about the wonderful work being done by the National Shelter Movement, choosing this NGO as the beneficiary of these funds, was a no-brainer. The work the organisation does is vital to disrupting gender-based violence in our country, as it provides victims of violence with a safe space to regroup, heal and get stronger. It is therefore quite shocking that they remain so critically-underfunded.”

Accolades include Best Short Film – Beyond The Curve; International Film Festival, (Paris, France); Best Directed Short Film – North Europe International Film Festival; London – Best Women Empowerment Film; Berlin Short Film – Best Lead Actress; West Europe International Film Festival, Brussels – Best Featurette (a film between a short and feature); Wallachia International Film Festival (Romania).

Should you need any assistance with any issue relating to gender-based violence (whether it be for help when dealing with the police, obtaining a protection order or to find a shelter), contact the NSMSA’s 24-hour National Shelter Helpline toll-free on 0800 001 005 or send a Please Call Me or WhatsApp message to 082 057 8600, 082 058 2215 or 072 230 7147, or send an email at – Our social workers are standing by to assist.

To get a better understanding of the value of shelters in stemming the tide of the GBV pandemic in South Africa, this Composite Report presents the experiences of 101 women (from all 9 provinces) who were former residents of 31 shelters affiliated to the NSMSA. Between 2019 and 2021, thirteen interviewers looked at the reasons women took shelter in the first place, their experiences in shelters and what their lives looked like, after leaving the shelters