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Wales And Ireland To Crush Beaumont’s Hopes?

  • 1 min read

There could be a huge twist in the race to become World Rugby chairman.

According to reports in the United Kingdom, Wales and Ireland could be the countries to crush Beaumont’s hopes of winning the race to remain in the position.

Beaumont’s opponent for the position, Agustin Pichot, is expected to be backed by the Southern Hemisphere giants (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Argentina). Beaumont has been expected to receive the backing of the Six Nations countries.

However, the MailOnline reported that Wales and Ireland are considering ditching Beaumont.

It is believed that Wales have bought into Pichot’s vision for the game and that Beaumont is now scrambling to convince the Welsh Rugby Union and the Irish to stay with him.

Ireland are reportedly still upset about losing out on hosting the 2023 World Cup to France.

Votes in the chairman race will take place this week with results announced on May 12.