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Virtual Human Resources and Budgeting System for the African Startup

Zimbabwean entrepreneur Iphi Mhlanga is based in Ireland, where he has launched software as a service (SaaS) expense management and employee engagement platform Xpensi. Soon, however, he will take the business to African shores. Currently operating with Irish and British clients, Xpensi digitises the expense reimbursement cycle for businesses through a web app that allows a user to capture and submit their expenses. At present the product allows companies to choose a subscription plan, add team members and add or approve expenses on the go by linking the process to the company’s accounts payable email address. Mhlanga came up with the idea for the platform while working for a tech conferencing company. He noticed that while the other offerings in the market gave the company the ability to receive expenses, there was no way to analyse the related data in real-time. He joined forces with Keith Taurai, another Zimbabwean, to launch Xpensi to solve this problem.