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Virtual Giving On Mandela Day — Keep Safe While Helping Others

  • 3 min read

With South Africa engulfed by a third wave of COVID-19 infections, we’re all advised to keep safe by staying at home. Yet with Mandela Day (18 July) around the corner, many South Africans are wondering how they can give back to their communities when the traditional activities for the day are on hold.

Alcatel suggests a few ways that you can make a big difference to your community direct from your computer or smartphone:

1.       Purchase data for Grade 12 learners

During these times, it’s important for Grade 12 learners to have reliable internet connectivity so that they can access the learning resources they need to prepare for the all-important matric exams. With the high costs of data, a few gigs of data can be a godsend to an underprivileged learner. 

2.       Club up with friends and family to purchase groceries or vouchers for people in need

With South Africa’s high unemployment—compounded by the shutdown of several industries under Level 4 lockdown restrictions—many families are struggling to make ends meet.  If you know a family in need, a great way to help is to order some staples for them from an app like

Checkers Sixty60 or Bottles by PnP to be delivered to their homes (if their area is covered), or you could send them a gift voucher for one of the retail chains.

3.       Raise funds to support a charity on BackaBuddy

BackaBuddy is a South African crowdfunding platform that lets you create online campaigns to raise funds for causes you care about. You can quickly and easily create a fundraiser, then share your campaign link with your friends, family, and colleagues to raise funds.

You can use the platform to raise funds for your favourite charity, or to help a person in need, like a friend who can’t afford to pay for a medical procedure or a promising young person who doesn’t have money for tertiary education.

You can also browse the fund-raising campaigns on the portal and donate to one that is close to your heart. 

4.       Support or start a petition on is a platform for starting virtual petitions. You can support one that matters to you or start a petition of your own about a cause that you’re passionate about. It’s a good way to mobilise support, build awareness and get attention from decisionmakers. 

5.       Donate money to a worthy cause

Online platforms like Forgood and GivenGain connect people with charities. You can search charities by category and donate money with a few clicks.