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Victor Ekpuk Turns Ancient African Communication Systems into Captivating Contemporary Abstraction              

Nigerian-American artist, Victor Ekpuk, has grown to prominence for a body of work that reinterprets Nsibidi, a clandestine, visual communication system created in parts of Nigeria and Cameroon in the 5th century. With a focus on calligraphy and Nsibidi symbology, he uses paintings, drawings and sculptures to weave stories of the African diaspora. Ekpuk’s new body of work at the Efiɛ Gallery, which runs through November 21st, is titled “INTERwoven TEXTures,” a nod to his unique style of blending ideas of writing systems and traditions built on the foundation of Nsibidi symbols. The show opened as part of the inaugural Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, which brings together more than 200 artists across 20 venues throughout the city.