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Victims from Rwanda Feel Robbed after Decision by UN Court 

A group representing survivors of the Rwandan genocide Tuesday expressed anger and disappointment at a U.N. appeal court ruling that a suspect should be urgently considered for release after he was declared unfit for trial. The Ibuka association representing survivors slammed the decision in the case of former business tycoon Felicien Kabuga, accused of setting up a hate broadcaster that fueled the 1994 slaughter of around 800,000 people. The survivors are “extremely angry and disappointed,” said Ahishakiye, saying it set a “deplorable precedent.” In June, judges found Kabuga was not fit enough to go on trial but ruled he should still undergo a stripped down legal process without a verdict. Appeals judges rejected that on Monday, saying the lower court made an “error of law” and ruling Kabuga, who is 88 according to officials but claims to be 90, should be urgently considered for release. Captured in Paris 2020 after two decades on the run, wheelchair-bound Kabuga went on trial last September and pleaded not guilty.