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Van Loggerenberg Welcomes Order To Set Aside ‘Sars Rogue Unit’ Report

Van Loggerenberg Welcomes Order To Set Aside ‘Sars Rogue Unit’ Report

Former South African Revenue Service (Sars) executive Johann van Loggerenberg said that no reliance could now be placed on the report by the Inspector-General of Intelligence on the so-called Sars rogue unit.

This after the Pretoria High Court issued an order setting it aside.

The report had found that an illegal unit was established at the revenue service and used to carry out rogue operations.

Van Loggerenberg took the report to court, arguing it was a concoction of lies, disinformation and fraudulent claims.

His lawyer Bernard Hotz: “When one reads my client’s court application, it is replete with facts and evidence which debunk this nonsense that’s been created over the years about a rogue unit.”

He said that the effect of the court judgment was that the report no longer officially existed.

“All reliance that has been placed upon this document has been mischievous because never once did anybody deem it appropriate to actually engage and interrogate the facts and the evidence. It all just spiraled out of control.”

Van Loggerenberg has welcomed the order, saying there must now be investigations against those who peddled what he called lies about the unit at Sars.