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US Treasury Secretary On Three State Africa Tour

Janet Yellen on Friday in Dakar touted her country’s relationship with Africa, saying it offered more benefits than Washington’s rivals. “The United States is fully behind Africa and fully with Africa,” Yellen said at the start of a trip to Africa, one of the first in a series expected from senior Biden administration officials since the launch in December of a US offensive to regain influence on a continent that is the site of fierce economic and political competition between great powers. Joe Biden has promised to make his first visit as president to sub-Saharan Africa at a summit with the leaders of some 50 African states in December. Yellen said the visit would take place this year, along with that of Vice President Kamala Harris and several ministers. Ms Yellen promised Africa a “partnership” in development, investment and trade in the areas of climate, health and security. It is about realising the “massive economic potential” represented by Africa because of its youth and growing population and middle classes, she said.