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US Racial Injustice Protests Mount

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Protesters have taken to the streets of several U.S. cities to bring attention to racial injustice.

Protests in Portland, Oregon, have been going in for two months, since the May 25 death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Trump administration has sent federal officers to Portland, adding additional fuel to the protests. The demonstrators now are also protesting the federal presence in the city.

In Seattle, police using flash bangs and tear gas arrested 45 people Saturday after demonstrations in support or the protests in Portland turned violent. Police said more than 20 police officers were injured.

Saturday night, in Austin, Texas, a man was killed when someone shot into a Black Lives Matter march.

Media accounts say the man may have approached a vehicle with a rifle before he was fired upon.

“All I know is that someone dying while protesting is horrible,” Mayor Steve Adler of Austin said in a statement. Adler said he is “heartbroken and stunned.”

In Louisville, Kentucky, a group of armed protesters called for justice of Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who died in Louisville when police entered her home without warning on a “no knock” warrant and shot her. Taylor’s boyfriend had fired at the officers first, thinking they were intruders.

One police officer has been fired because of the Taylor incident, but charges have not been brought against the other officers.

The leader of the NFAC group, an armed Black militia involved in the protests, says he wants the police investigation into the Taylor killing to be more transparent.

Police say three NFAC members were injured Saturday when one of the militia’s weapons accidentally discharged.