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US Missionary Ordered to Pay for Child Negligence in Uganda

Lawyers for US missionary Renee Bach have reached an out of court settlement with two mothers whose children died at a centre she ran in Uganda. Without admitting liability, Bach and the organisation she founded, Serving His Children (SHC), have agreed to pay Zubeda Gimbo and Annet Kakai £7,335, according to a judgment. Gimbo’s three-year-old son and Kakai’s one-year-old son died after receiving care at SHC, a nutrition centre in Jinja, east Uganda, which was founded by Bach. Bach has been accused of taking part in medical interventions with children, including blood transfusions, despite having no medical qualifications as either a doctor or a nurse. At least 105 children died at the centre over several years. In a statement last year, SHC denied that Bach passed herself off as a doctor, but admitted she regularly assisted in “crisis situations” using “skills” learned from Ugandan healthcare professionals.