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Uproar Unlikely Following ConCourt Zuma Decision – Political Analysts

Political analysts see no signs that the Constitutional Court’s ruling will lead to public protests.

This Monday, the apex court reversed the Electoral Court’s decision regarding Jacob Zuma’s candidacy.

As a result, he is disqualified from running for a National Assembly seat in the upcoming elections next week.

Political analyst Levy Ndou mentioned that prior critiques of the judiciary were unfounded.

“He has been in many positions because of the Constitution, so if there’s anything else that would happen that would not favour him and he starts to talk bad about the Constitution, then it creates unnecessary confusion.”

Political analyst Dirk Kotze expressed uncertainty about Zuma’s next actions.

“I think we still have to see exactly how it’s going to play out but at this stage, the party doesn’t present itself as very angry or as if this decision is completely unacceptable to them.”